Q-1 :- What Is Zoid Research

Ans :- Zoid research is an investment advisory firm, which recommends you to get healthy return from financial market from your investment. For example if you are ill and suffering from a particular disease so you will need an expert doctor to overcome from that disease, similarly Zoid research has a separate expert team for each segment which analyze the market on the basis of different factors affecting the movement of financial market and convert your loss into profit by their experienced tricks.

Q-2 :- Why Recommendation is important for investment.

Ans :- There are number of investors who invest their money in market, but if we do a survey then we will find that, among all investors only 10 % know about the actual behaviour of financial market, remaining 90% people do investment on the bases of senseless predictions which later becomes A Cause of Loss in market for them. The first 10 % people who knows about market - suffer due to the limited concentration as they could not capture full opportunity from market. They wholly focused only at a single script or single sectors at a time. But we do have a separate research team for each segement , who is focused in whole market (different sectors) and capture full capacity of market movement for you.

Q-3 :- Getting recommendation from Zoid is How Different from others.

Ans :- As per market nature, if we want to make profit from market for our clients then only providing customer calls is not enough in market but we have to provide a complete package of guideline to clients for building the profit for them. As per below points we provide 100 % complete guideline package to clients and it truely makes us different from others.

A) Discipline- Profit Making from market – is actually 25 % depends upon how you act in market with discipline, and @ZOID we've our unique disciplinary rules for traders & we always ensure that we make our clients to follow that rules and keep watching during their service period that either the given rules are profitable or not.

B)Activeness in services – Active services having a weightage of 25 % - for making profit from market. We involve our maximum capacity of work force to manage our clients. We not only provide them calls but keep watching their all the positions which are open, providing them instant update regarding their open position. As we all know that movement of market is unstoppable and unpredictable, there is a need of a Instant Query Solution Research Department for traders to be aware of fluctuation’s loss from market. We @ZOID have a separate research department for instant query solution for our paid clients.

C) Filtration in Research- There is a general thought about research is that it can be either done fundamentally or technically. There is no filter in research as per general concept; as its risk factor is so High. If we talk about Zoid Research - we don’t generate levels as per general concept but we do apply three filters in our research, first we observe fundamentally. If level is profitable – then only we check it technically. & If the level is correct here then we discuss with Research Experts. If the level is passed by all the three filters then we provide it to our clients. This unique concept of research has weightage of 50 % to make the profit from market.

All the above uniqueness in our services, makes us different from others and force investors to connect with ZOID.

Q-4 :-As it is said that Earning the profit from Stock And Commodity Market is risky, how zoid manage this investment.

Ans :- As zoid research is a SEBI registered investment advisory firm, we follow all the rules made for minimizing the risk in market. We have given Unique Risk Analysis form in our website to identify the risk involve in your investment, we also suggest you to chose your trading segment as per your risk bearing capacity. We do have disciplinary rules in our website and by following that rules while trading, any investor can avoid involved risk in market. Above description about our research and services also help you to avoid the risk from moving market.

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