ZoidResearch always looks for honest,hard-working,positive attitude,confident, motivated and stability oriented employees for the post of-


Business Analyst-
Zoid need experienced/unexperienced future growth oriented employees for the post of business analyst.

Special Requirements-
Basic knowledge of Financial Market(Equity, Commodity & Currency).

:- Good communication skills.

:- Sharp minded.

:- Good explainer.

:- Eager to learn new things.

Business Analyst-
Graduate and Post graduate in any field ( MBA’S and PGDM holder preferred).

Nature Of Job-
Full time sales job with basic knowledge of financial market..

Research Analyst-
Zoid need minimum 1 to 5 year experienced research analyst for technical and fundamental analysis of financial market.

Special Requirement -
Employee must have any certification in research field

Employee must be eligible for “A Research Analyst” on the basis of SEBI norms.

Educational Qualification –
MBA with Finance (NCFM module holder will be prefer)

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