We are discussing about some technical and fundamental points of silver.

Anyone knows that Silver is going down in a few months. It goes down to down and never pull back in front of Bear but we think and our prediction is that Silver ground level will be completed if it will create a more ground than last ground is $13.20 in Indian term. It will go near 32500 but it is very rare to create this level.

It will go up to the current level and we never talk to in daily and weekly basis, we talk about yearly basis and our target of 2016 December is near up to $30 and in Indian terms Rs. 55000 in next December. Silver is going down because Gulf Country is releasing their Bond and Gold (around 30 tones) for pressurizing for Crude to down level.

And their last turning point is created at the bottom and it will create some technical points to clear their bottom, and by fundamental research, the economy is supported for deep buying. But it is yearly basis.

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