Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis.

Discipline can give you desired return from the market & to full-fill the same, Zoid Research made a unique risk analysis system for you to analyze your risk bearing capacity on the basis of different aspects. Analyzing the risk before activating the services help you to identify your suitable product to trade according to your risk bearing capacity.

Risk Analysis Methodology

Lets analyze your risk bearing capacity. Choose anyone option for the following questions. On-time result calculation will be calculated out of 100.

1) What is your age group?

A) 15 to 25 Year 30 to 65 Year
B) 25 to 30 Year
C) 15 to 25 Year
D) Above 65 Year

2. What is your occupation?

A) Student or senior citizen.
B) Self employed or officer line
C) Business man who have more than a business
D) Employees

3. Your involvement on trading

A) You are a full time
B) You are a part and full time trader
C) Rarely you trader
D) You are a part time trader

4. You spend time (Experience) in market

A) 2 to 5 year
B) Less than 1 year
C)1 to 2 year
D) More than 5 year

5. Chose your desired time period for investment

A) 15 to 30 days
B) 5 to 15 days
C) Intraday
D) Intraday 2 to 5 days

6. Purpose of your investment, in terms of getting profit

A) 30 to 40 % Monthly return on investment
B) Above 40 % Monthly return on investment
C) 20 to 30 % Monthly return on investment
D)10 to 20 % Monthly return on investment

7. Your yearly income by all sources

A) 3 to 5 lack
B)Blow 3 lack
C) More than 10 lack
D) 5 to 10 lack

8. Your existing investment / assets

A) ) Blow 2 lack
B)More than 10 lack
C) 2 to 5 lack
D)5 to 10 lack

9. Your risk tolerance capacity, in terms of loss in your investment amount which You can bear

A) less than 20 % on your investment amount
B) 20 to 30 % on your investment amount
C) )More than 40 % on your investment amount.
D) 30 to 40 % on your investment amount

10. The % of borrowing fund on your total investment amount

A)) More than 40 % on your investment amount
B)20 to 30 % on your investment amount
C) 30 to 40 % on your investment amount
D) Less than 20 % on your investment amount

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